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Epic Funny Cats – Compilation Part Two “The Cat Strikes Back!”

The best antics and funny moments of amazing cats!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Crazy Cats! 2014 Madness! Funny Cats Compliation

Crazy cats compilation for 2014 Watch more
Video Rating: 4 / 5

34 Responses to Epic Funny Cats – Compilation Part Two “The Cat Strikes Back!”

  1. The sweater video was not funny. That woman should have taken the sweater
    off of the cat when it froze up like it did. That bumbling cur was also too
    rough with the cat. Who shoves and tugs an animal around like that? 

  2. 0:30 for the love of god. Dont let the cat lick out the can like that.
    They can seriously cut their tongue on the rim.

  3. 6.25 pisses me off what a fucking bully, its one thing to dress up your cat
    and another to just shove it around to see it fall over…

  4. Romeo Cat: “Juliet! Juliet! Let me come in! Please!”
    Juliet Cat: “No!”
    Romeo Cat: *Jumps up to the open window* “Please! Please let me in! Please!”
    Juliet Cat: “NO! GET OUT!”

  5. Das was dieses unmenschliche Wesen bei 5:47 mit der armen Katze macht,
    würde ich gern mal bei dieser unverschämten Pute machen :@ Das kann ja wohl
    nicht sein. Das ist Folter … dumme Nuss

  6. The woman at 2:09 has a good soul that’s why she attracts so many animals
    to come and see her. She had a fox, an eagle and 2 cats ( two of which
    belong to her I assume) but they were totally relaxing and chilling outside
    her house with no hostility or anger or tension. Beautiful to see. 

  7. The cat at 11:48 is going to have a hard time digesting the watermelon
    because cats stomachs are not design to digest fruits and vegetables only
    meat and fish. 

  8. 2:55 They say cats don’t recognize themselves in the mirror and most
    probably don’t but this really looks like self testing behavior. Animals
    like dolphins and elephants start doing strange behaviors like this when
    presented with a mirror and eventually work out that it’s themselves.

  9. The eagle, the fox and the cat are plotting something. Probably how to take
    over the house or neighborhood. 

  10. Some of these owners are mean to their cats. Doing things like dressing
    them up and tipping them is why your cat pisses in your favourite shoes. 

  11. i love cats, but this is one of the worst cat compilations,
    with the kind of bad owners that do not deserve to have a cat.

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