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Entertainment For Cats – Hour Long Video of Entertainment For Cats To Watch

Here’s a funny cat video. Hope you like it! ← ← ← This is the ULTIMATE Entertainment for cats. (READ BELOW!) SHARE THIS!! Most videos are only 10 minutes, maybe 30…

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19 Responses to Entertainment For Cats – Hour Long Video of Entertainment For Cats To Watch

  1. My cat won’t look because he hates tv, iPhones and iPads. I think the
    reason is because these items are getting my attention when he isn’t. He
    resents them haha. Maybe when he’s older I’ll try again. In the meantime he
    won’t even look at the screen in rebellion. :/

  2. OMG! Every time they fly away he looks past the screen waiting for them to
    appear! Think i need a “scratch proof” screen now! He’s is attacking it!
    lol, too cute! Thank you! <#

  3. I’m just reading here all this amazing cats and mine just looks at me with
    annoyance XD why isn’t my cat funny?!!!!

  4. My cat watched the whole thing – I was reading a book next to her but her
    eyes were fixed and she moved really close to the screen.

  5. my cats love watching the bird videos, i kinda felt bad that i was
    deceiving them they are both indoor/outdoor cats so they know what catching
    a bird is all about. but when the video ended we were hearing birds. i had
    the window open when video was playing….so bonus for my cats because it
    was like a bird call, we must have has every bird from the neighborhood in
    our back yard and thats where my cats stayed most of the day.. so cool

  6. I put this on for my kitties and one of them kept slapping the monitor with
    her paw trying to catch the bird and my other kitty flew from the table to
    my desk but sadly miscalculated his jump and hit the floor in his

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