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Drowning puppy’s amazing rescue from well. Please share!

Watch our incredibly brave and kind rescuer Ganpat and team save a drowning puppy just minutes away from dying. Help support life-saving rescues in India by Animal Aid Unlimited by making…

25 Responses to Drowning puppy’s amazing rescue from well. Please share!

  1. It is not every day that you come across an animal in distress and are
    called into action to help out. In this incredible video, not just one
    person comes to the aid of a drowning puppy, but a whole team of kind
    individuals step up to save a dog that had fallen into a well.

  2. So a guy wearing’ Animal Aid Unlimited, India Tshirt was present at the
    venue at the right time to save a dog? Who wrote the script? RGV? 

  3. I am fed up with seeing so many negative comments like “I bet they threw
    that dog in the well just to make the video” and suggestions that this is
    fake or it is a scam. Animal Aid Unlimited, is in fact, a U.S. based
    charitable organization that runs a busy animal hospital and shelter in
    Udaipur, Rajasthan, India. You can volunteer at the shelter and see for
    yourself, the work they do there. It would certainly be of much more value
    than posting unfounded opinions on youtube. I am also sick of seeing
    comments related to rape in India, on videos that have absolutely nothing
    to do with that issue. India has many problems, just like every developing
    country but it is also a beautiful place full of wonderful people. Every
    country in the world has crime, poverty and both good and bad people. If
    you want to support a project related to crimes against women, there are
    many to choose from. If you want to support an animal rescue cause, these
    guys are doing some great work, and there are so many more. Please stop
    being so narrow minded. If you care about these issues, volunteer your time
    or make a small donation. It won’t kill you to stop being an asshole for 2

  4. Amazing there are people in other parts of the world with far greater
    obstacles in their day to day lives willing to step up to help an innocent
    animal in need, there is no excuse here in the United States to abuse and
    neglect animals…

  5. this video changed my thought about Indians, love you all Indian rescuers,

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