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Don’t Starve “Beeffalo, Crazy Dogs, Pig Skin!” (Episode 3)

Don't Starve

This is episode three of my Don’t Starve let’s play. ENJOY! In this episode we find the almighty Beefalo and have a run in with some wild dogs. After picking up the goodies from the fight,…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to Don’t Starve “Beeffalo, Crazy Dogs, Pig Skin!” (Episode 3)

  1. make a baseball hat its very useful and dig graves because when you the
    items that come out of it gives you like 125 research points but dont ever
    research the amulet

  2. The easiest way to gain all your points to unlock things is to go to a part
    of the map that is over-run by grass and use a shovel to dig up the grass
    plant and research it. A great way to stay above the game is to find a home
    spot near beefalo. Don’t kill them set up a perm home and actually use the
    stone fireplace. Dig up grass and instead of researching it this time use
    the poop from beefalo to help it along with berry bushes. Recipe 2 monster
    meet and 2 honey = honey ham.

  3. Because the amulet gives you a second life if you wore it on your chest
    slot and it very helpful before you die you change from a backpack or what
    ever your wearing to the amulet and you die then respawn

  4. You had a chance to kill a frog @ around 3 min mark. Even though you
    couldn’t carry anymore stuff, you could’ve just ate the legs raw and top
    you hunger bar up. Small tip for you and anyone else reading this =)

  5. Hey man good stuff, your nomadic strategy I might have to try it out I’m
    more of a main base and explore then return to back to main base type of
    guy ahaha oh and look for the chest they help a ton it’s on structures

  6. i out line all my island befor i make a base and i find everything easyer
    that way and when i travel i do find food on the way so i dont die and it
    is safer then going straight to the middle because of monsters

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