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Dogs really hate bath time – Funny dog bathing compilation PART 2

Dogs really hate bath time - Funny dog bathing compilation PART 2

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25 Responses to Dogs really hate bath time – Funny dog bathing compilation PART 2

  1. No, your dog shouldn’t growl at you, it could lead to biting.
    But you shouldn’t harm them back, you don’t want your dog to be afraid
    every time you touch him/her.
    Your pets are your friends, don’t want them then give them away.
    Don’t be a dumbass
    This is a cute video and very funny, only cause I’m not the one who’ll be
    But I always hear that animals who are aggressive get put down, if this
    happens then I really think it should happen to aggressive humans too.
    Cause most animals bite when angry or scared, humans harm and kill because
    we’re the worst species to ever exist..

  2. Youtube commenters at its finest.
    YAP AND UGH I HAT THEM SOOOOOOO MUc!!!!!!1!!!!!!!!!!!1”
    “if my dog did that 2 me I wd hit it an throw it in th yaerd. lol”
    I’m assuming half the people in the comments rarely -if ever see chihuahuas.
    Yes, they bark, but most dogs do, so what’s your point? And believe it or
    not, there are chihuahuas that rarely ever bark. What a shocker, I know.
    It’s like you guys forgot that chihuahuas are dogs, and not some yappy,
    always obnoxious things.

  3. that bitch who was dragging the dog by its legs, should be dragged around
    by the short and curleys herself!

  4. Okay, your dogs shouldn’t be snarling or growling at you. It could cause
    them to biting you. Also, something really fucking wrong, *pulling your dog
    by the fucking leg.* Holy shit, how would *you* like to be dragged across
    the carpet floor? Their dogs shouldn’t be acting like that, *and the owners
    shouldn’t fucking pull them by the legs!* It takes a lot to get my dog into
    the bath, but not by pulling them by the fucking leg! They also only whine,
    not snarl.

  5. Why do people let their dogs get away with the snarling and snapping? It’s
    NOT funny and it’s NOT cute. That dog has just told them he or she is the
    boss. If my dog snarled at me like that he’d get his ass whooped. Yes, my
    dog hates a bath…but he wouldn’t dare behave like that. BTW, he weighs 94
    pounds….but I am the alpha, not him!

  6. Omg

    Owners, PLEASE stop tolerating growling and snapping from your dog. One day
    someone will get seriously bitten and hurt, just because you’re so nervous
    and submissive around your pet. These aggressive dogs think they’re alpha
    because you never stand up to them. There is no equality in dog language.
    Either you’re the boss or your dog is. Fucking discipline it before there’s
    an incident and you have to put it down, you amateurs.

    No, don’t harm the animal. But draw the line and make sure your dog
    respects you.

  7. Funny video but if your dog is growling at you, trying to snap at you then
    leave them alone to calm down. Yes, they love you, yes you’re their owners
    but dogs can turn on you at any time. Doesn’t matter how long you’ve had
    them, you never know when they’ll snap.

  8. Blacks want pitbulls
    Whites want regular dogs that don’t kill people
    Blacks want to steal more often then whites
    Blacks think they get to pull their pants down all the way down and say
    look at mah swag,seriously it’s just weird and funny like what a little
    baby’s does 

  9. My dog hates baths so much I have to shut we have to shut all doors in our
    house and trap him in the bathroom.

  10. Many people are afraid of their dog, as seen in the video. Also, many dogs
    are way too dominant at their home. The home owners are the one’s that need
    to be in charge, NOT the dog! When the dog’s alone, he’s in charge. But
    never when the owners are home! Don’t let your dog be so dominant, that
    creates a lot of problems. Be in charge, be the dominant one, and *do this
    without the use of violence.* 

  11. I am lucky, I started bathing my 2 Chihuahuas when they were barely able to
    run, when searching for them I had look in the pockets of my coats I often
    laid on a chair, or they’d drag them from the chair. I can’t remember how
    many times I had to avoid doing laundry without first checking the bags, as
    they frequently hid in them. What they don’t do is growl, bark, run or hide
    when it’s bathing time, they actually follow me into the bathroom. Guess I
    am lucky. If your dog bites you, especially a 60lb one .. I would compare
    it to an argument over a parking spot, not death row. Although, my 2 get
    seriously growly when it’s nail-cutting time. I usually give up out of
    fear. After 5 years, they run viciously when they just hear the drawer open
    where I keep the clippers. But, I wouldn’t put them to death. The videos
    are hillarious, but I’ll stick with my 2 x 4.25 pooches.

  12. Btw I know it’s not ALL chihuahuas but being a pet groomer I see ALOT of
    chihuahuas behave this way and NO it’s not their fault. It’s their owners
    for carrying them around like a lite baby their whole lives and letting
    them run the show. Any dog can be aggressive I just see a lot of chihuahuas
    act this way cuz they are small and people don’t take their aggressive
    behavior seriously so they learn that it’s ok. Again watch some Cesar Milan
    If you need a helping hand. Much love :)

  13. You don’t have to hurt a dog to establish dominance, but u do have to use
    some kind of physical aggression. Dogs see the humans they live with as
    part of their pack and in every pack, there is an alpha. If the alpha does
    not assert his (or hers, it can be a female,) authority, it will be
    challenged and eventually taken down. If u r not showing that u r the
    leader, then they will challenge u for that role. Growling at u when u r
    doing something that they don’t like is a form of challenge for pack

  14. fuckin shoot those snarling psycho dogs.. a friend has a similar one, you
    can pet him and the next thing you know its snarling and lashing out..

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