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Dogs and Cats; living together

A few nice cat images I found:

Dogs and Cats; living together
Image by Bakar_88
I was surprised while driving when I saw the dogs were taking care for the baby cat…
I couldn’t stand seeing this without taking the shot. So, I took it from the mirror of the car 🙂

Cat Licks Intel Core Duo Mac Mini
Image by Major Clanger
This is my new Intel Core Duo based Mac mini, just as it came out of the box. The box is tiny, so is the Mac, which is very cute. I used the Mac Flickr Uploadr to upload this picture after setting up the network, speakers, free software, etc. This is my first Mac – I’m not making the "switch" – I’m ust having fun. (I have a Linux machine and a Windows XP machine too).

Yes, Snitch (the cat) is licking it.

big-eyed foster momma cat
Image by deflam
She’s a sweetheart. The newest of the foster momma cats we have. I love how her eyes get all big and wide. She’s tiny, but she had six kittens!

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