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Image by the|G|™

one mean mofo.

but he was a total gentleman.

as was his delightful owner.



having said that, who the fuck needs a pure breed fighting dog?

or a pit bull cross?

you don’t need it lowbrow boy.

it’s usually just another label.

but it happens to be alive.

get a dalmatian.

at least they are fucking arty.



[of course this message exempts mr michael macfeat]


and the song:



Dog & Pot Coal Hole Plate
Image by sarflondondunc
Nice dog logo on coal hole plate in pavement on Stockwell Road in front of shops. Jelley Son & Jones. 196 Blackfriars Road SE Iron Steel and Grindstone Merchants. I think it says 1882
This link on glias has some interesting info on the dog with its head in the pot

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