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Dog Vines – Most Amazing 30 MINUTES of Dogs and Puppy Vines Compilation!

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

Wolfie has a Facebook page now~~ Please visit: This is a highlight reel of my Siberian Husky puppy Wolfgang (a.k.a…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

50 Responses to Dog Vines – Most Amazing 30 MINUTES of Dogs and Puppy Vines Compilation!

  1. 4:06 Okay, are people really this RETARDED to shake an animal and scream
    like an idiot when it gets PO’d? That’s animal abuse and people find it
    funny. It’s screwed up that no one even cares. This is a fine example where
    abuse is obviously accepted and labeled as comedy by teens on an app that
    has no real gain in life. Felt like it needed a rant. t-.-t)

  2. I LOVE dogs! Except pit bulls-they are so violent, and every week they kill
    dozens of children, pet dogs, and other people! Ban pit bulls before they
    kill your pet dog or your child!

  3. Silly question. I am looking for this one vine or gif of a big white dog
    bobbing up and down in the middle of the street. It kind of looks like the
    dog is trying to dance, or bouncing with a beat. It was in a dog
    compilation video but I can’t find it. Anyone know which one I am talking

  4. 10:36 – wow! Thats literally the scariest husky I’ve ever seen! they are
    usually adorable, what happened with this one?! lol (i know, thats mean,
    but seriously!) #scary

  5. Dear Wolfie’s Friends/Subscribers/YouTubers/Commenters

    Thank you so much for stopping by and watching and commenting, and making
    Wolfie and Snow’s videos go far beyond just a video for friends and family
    that it was intended to be.

    Just a friendly note that I get a lot of comments across all of Wolfie and
    Snow’s videos. Some make it to the comment thread. Some gets automatically
    put into the “Spam” list… While some are definitely spams, most are just
    harmless comments. It is beyond my control what YouTube decides on its own
    what is spam or not.

    If you don’t see your comment in the comments thread, please. It does not
    mean I’ve deleted your post for whatever the reason. There is absolutely no
    need to get rude and offensive about it… I will go through the spam list
    and reinstate and approve the ones that I think are harmless. But, there
    are literally hundreds of comments there.

    Just a bit of understanding would go a lot way. Thank you.

  6. He’s just ADORABLE…
    I love huskies, they’re my favourite type of dogs!
    I’m getting one pretty soon! Someone’s husky just gave birth 3 weeks ago
    and I’ll get a little boy husky when it’s 8 weeks old!
    I’m thinking of naming him Rocky, what do you guys think I should name him?

  7. 3:10 and I thought I was the only one to grab my dogs by the scruff around
    their neck. You sir, know a lot about puppy dogs xD

  8. First of all I just wanted to say how cute Wolfie is <3

    Secondly, my boyfriend is getting a husky mid October. We already have one
    dog which is mine. She is a three year old miniature poodle mix with a very
    calm temper. Do you have any tips on how to achieve a good first encounter
    between her and the new puppy? Thank you! :)

  9. When I was young, I begged my mom to have a dog or cat in the house. They
    never allowed me to do it, saying it would make the house dirty and add
    more puppies and kittens and the house would be a mess.
    Now when I think about it – I’m bewildered @ how my parrents could say
    something heartless like that ?? The sight of a puppy or kitten just melts
    my heart.

  10. I’m getting my husky at the end of November since he’s still too young to
    leave his momma 🙂 he’s very cute! And I’ve been watching all your videos,
    Wolfie is definitely a charmer 🙂 I can’t wait to get my little man lol.

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