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Dog Rescue: Homeless mom (Mable) and puppies (Dallas & Texas) near downtown Los Angeles.

To make an end of the year donation, please visit: To adopt this amazing family, please contact our friends at: http://www.doggies…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Facts about Puppies

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50 Responses to Dog Rescue: Homeless mom (Mable) and puppies (Dallas & Texas) near downtown Los Angeles.


  2. Fecking hell everytime I watch this I end up in tears….but the tears of
    happiness. Well done Eldad, you’re an awesome human being.

  3. Eldad you are a true inspiration and every video makes me cry thinking how
    people just leave these sweet, loving pups and dogs in a caged area. you
    are like their angels to save them from any further harm. god bless you and
    I am so happy you do this just to make a difference to the world. I will
    continue to keep donating and will love for you to continue with the
    rescues you do. you are a true angel to them . thanks for making a huge
    change. because of you, watching these videos gave me a second thought
    about adopting dogs from shelters rather then just going to a pet shop.
    Because of you, now I have adopted a sweet loving puppy, Snoopy a terrier
    mix from a shelter. Thanks

  4. i cannot understand the dislikes on this video there must be some very cold
    hearted people out there like the ones who abandon these beautiful dogs.
    Thank you Eldad for sharing your rescues with us they are truly
    inspirational, just knowing there are good human beings out there gives me
    hope x

  5. To be honest, as they lived all 3 together, it should a pack, sell all 3
    for 1 person not 1 for each, the poor doggy family would fall apart and
    imagine how they would be sad after all they went together through?

  6. Happy New Year, Eldad!
    We’ve been supporters of Eldad for quite a while now( it was one of the
    birthday gifts that my son asked for when he turned 9 in 2012). I can’t
    help but tear up when I see the dogs physical conditions, and the
    surroundings that these poor dogs are in. And then I can’t help but giggle
    in pure joy, at the transformations they make after being shown some love.
    Eldad, please keep up the important life-saving work! You, and all those
    that help you are Angels… You just hide your wings very!

  7. I wish I lived in CA – I’d take the whole little family. I hope they find
    wonderful homes. Good job Eldad. You are such an inspiration and
    wonderful human being.

  8. Why people is so heartless?? T_T
    3:13 OMG her face is so adorable…she was happy and look at those cute
    puppies T 3 T

  9. Accidentally cut out the part where I say the beatles included a whistle
    noise only audible by dogs in the song day in the life.

  10. Sorry, but small dogs are not cute. They’re evil, and they’re usually
    spoiled little ankle biters. Big dogs will always be better, and cuter,
    like my Great Dane! :P

  11. My partner and I have two dogs. Georgia smells like corn ships and grape
    candy… it’s really weird. Caswell likes to steal my shirts when I go to
    take a shower. He used to chew holes in my clothing but now he just gently
    takes a shirt and goes and curls up on the floor with it.

    Another fun Caswell fact; he waddles around when he poops. Apparently
    squatting and doing his business in one place is just not good enough.

  12. +SupDaily06 think you should rename this the battle for cuteness because
    Eddie is giving you some serious competition! It’s going to be interesting
    to see if the poop thing is going to be validated. I don’t know how much
    research you did but there has only been one study with 70 dogs and as
    usual the media ran with it. We are certainly finding that many people
    respond to the earth’s magnetic fields so it would not be surprising but
    until the study gets repeated and in different parts of the world it’s not
    going to be a fact. A fact I have always found interesting about dogs (and
    their owners) is that people who turn on the TV to entertain their dogs or
    think their dogs following along with the TV have been delusional, until
    recently that is. HD TVs have a much higher flicker rate so if you have one
    of those chances are your dog can see what you see and not just flickering
    light on the screen!

  13. i love hugging my dog and just recently found out that when i do it from
    above him, i’m basically asserting my dominance over him. by him letting me
    hug him, he’s submitting. fun fact!

  14. He is cute but I am biased to my daughter cough dog, haha she is a five
    pound poodle and she is so much more than a dog to me

  15. So how could Eddie be happy going back to his owners after spending a few
    days with you??? 🙂 You spoil him rotten and I’m sure he knows that. You
    both are adorable! 15 out of 10 on my rating scale.

  16. I don’t know about leaving clothes around. Tonight I had to get down on my
    knees and pull all of my underwear and socks out from under the bed before
    doing the laundry. My 7 month old Boxer shoved them under there. At that,
    I’m lucky. My boss told me that he 10 month old labrador, stole one of his
    socks, swallowed it then pooped it out in the yard.

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