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25 Responses to Dog Eats Lemon and goes CRAZY

  1. Oh my god some people are so fucking sensitive. Yes lemon is toxic to dogs
    but 1. Only in big quantities, 2. It will only make their stomache upset or
    cause diarrhea or vomiting which I’m pretty sure all dogs will go through
    at some point.. 3. The dog is just reacting to the sourness just like a
    little kid would. So calm your balls. Jesus..

  2. as an ambassador from r/Animals, I can confirm that the reaction the dog is
    having to the lemon is because it is sour

  3. Citrus IS poison to dogs, cats and even horses. Please before you offer
    your pet a lime or other citrus, look up poisonous foods on Internet! Don’t
    be so uncaring. 

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