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Cute Puppy Race in 4K (ULTRA HD)

To view this video in 4K select “Original” in the resolution menu. Orapup is offering 25% off to all my friends here on Yo…

Cutest Puppies Howling Compilation 2014 [NEW]

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‘Woof! Woof! Woof!’ Puppies bark, puppies dig, puppies nuzzle, puppies cuddle. Some are big, some are small, and almost all of them make a mess. One thing’s for sure: every one of the noisy, mischievous puppies captured in these humorous vignettes is utterly, absolutely irresistible.

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49 Responses to Cute Puppy Race in 4K (ULTRA HD)

  1. I notice in the settings there is no option to view this in 4K. There is no
    “original” option for me. 1440 & 1080 yes. When I view other 4K videos, I
    do have the option. 

  2. Terrible! Letting that puppy drink that dirty water. Made me feel sick!The
    owner of these puppies should be reported for animal cruelty. Who knows
    what was in the water. Obviously the owner didn’t care. Reported

  3. Who can dislike this video? I mean even though you can’t watch it in 4K you
    can see it in 1080p or less! Those are puppies, who can dislike puppies!?
    D: You disliker you have no heart:(

  4. Please, traductor. Tengo un Curved de Samaung 65″ esta maquina me puede
    mostrar videos en UHD, pero cuando me dirijo al menú y selecciono esa
    resolución se detiene. Creí era problema del TV pero compramos otro y la
    resolución 4K detiene el video y no avanza, mostrando que carga, sin
    mostrar video.

  5. Just bought a 4K TV from LG. Finally found a number of short clips filmed
    in 4K so I will be able to view them in full 4K glory. Gotta love puppies!

  6. OH. MY. GOSH. Every single one of these was the most adorable thing ever,
    and each one was better than the last. Ohhhh I just adore how *FURIOUS*
    baby huskies look with their face markings.

    BUT that last little guy who howled so hard he horked was literally one of
    the cutest things I have ever seen in my *life*!! Owww owwww owwoooooo,
    owoo-*whuuck* ugh I died!

    Ohhh seriously, I keep watching that part over and over, and I keep
    laughing really hard every single time. Somebody help me, it’s sooooo

  7. wish dogs would somehow slow its aging process..
    puppies becomes big dogs in just a matter of months…
    Hes a Pup this January. he would have big tummies and long tails
    long legs and a loud barker by April or May.

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