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Cute Puppy Funny Puppies Dandie Dinmont Terrier

Cute Puppy Funny Puppies Dandie Dinmont Terrier 10 week old Dandie Dinmont Puppies playing in the garden. Funny, no matter how many expensive toys you but them puppies are just as happy…
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21 Responses to Cute Puppy Funny Puppies Dandie Dinmont Terrier

  1. Hi Charberries, Thanks for the nice comment! Please contact me via my web
    site at the end of the details so we can talk more! Paul Keevil

  2. Aww how gorgeous these pups are. I have a norfolk and a norwich and want a
    dandie dinmont. There only 140 or so norwich pups bred a year and about 800
    or so norfolk but dandies must be less. I love them.

  3. The best dogs in the world, i got my best friend 10 years ago from paul,
    they are the most loyal of dogs and lovely to be with, she adores my kids
    and i have never had a cross word with her, seriously greedy though!

  4. Aww; So cute. My uncle apparently found one of these and brought him home;
    he gave him to me as a present and we had no idea what breed he was then
    one day when i was looking at a little dog breeds book there was a little
    terrior with a long body and it looked exactlyy like him. I was looking
    through videos of this kind of dog and they all do the same stuff he doesss

  5. I have a girl dandie. she is 14 yrs old and still acts like a pup
    sometimes. they don’t shed hair. very gentle and loving. she doesn’t play
    with our other dog though but they get along quite well. she likes to be
    clean as most terriers do.

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