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Cute Kittens Run Their Purr Motors

Here’s a funny cat video. Hope you like it!

Cute Kittens Run Their Purr Motors

The 1st kitten to purr into the camera is our Thunder and the 2nd kitten that comes in for a purry close up is his brother Darius. The other 2 kittens on my …

25 Responses to Cute Kittens Run Their Purr Motors

  1. No musician has ever been able to create music as well as cats can! Kitty
    Grumbles is all happy now as she can hear the purring and loves it. Many

  2. Purrrrrrrrrrrrfection, I remember these guys two years ago and have
    followed their progress, wonderful videos. Blessings and Purrs – Rachel

  3. I should record this and play it to fall asleep, it might help with my
    insomnia, since my cat falls asleep faster than I do, and stops purring. It
    is a relaxing sound to me :3 thanks

  4. I fell in love at 0:02. We’re counting down the days until we can bring our
    youngest kitty baby home from my family’s house. It will be nice to have
    our purring prince around. 

  5. I was ALMOST completely distracted by the “fancy” tape job on that
    cardboard in the background … almost. Teehee =oP

  6. Ahhh!! I love these purring sounds and the faces of these adorable
    sweethearts! 😀 What a cute video.. Was that Thunder who was licking the
    other kittens ear?! Hahaha that was so cute.. this is all so cute! Ahhhhh!!

  7. Awwwww…. what a wonderful video! This is a Therapeutic video, heals from
    any stress of life and from work, just listen and see them and all becomes
    Serenity in my heart! ♥

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