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Cute Dogs And Adorable Babies: Compilation

Cute Dogs And Adorable Babies: Compilation

In this cute dog and baby video, tune in to se some precious and hilarious moments between dogs , puppies, babies, and toddlers. Precious. SUBSCRIBE TO PETSA…
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50 Responses to Cute Dogs And Adorable Babies: Compilation

  1. what the fuck are these dog owners thinking? these babies could be eaten
    and bitten by the dogs. dogs dont know that babies are human cuz dogs dont
    have real brains and they wouldnt know if the baby is in pain cuz dogs dont
    have real emotions. seriously dogs dont give a shit about the babies. fuck
    these dumbasses.

  2. Dogs are more hygienic is it? Lemme see your dog lick your mouth, after it
    just licked it’s own balls or some other dogs shit or sniffed some other
    dogs piss or licked some other germ from god knows were. You can catch
    diseases from dogs shit, especially if flies have been on it. Look it up.
    Stop trying to intellectualize your blind love for animals, balance it out
    with some sense. How could you let a dog lick your mouth? That shit is

  3. I love dogs, i love cats.. But it’s true they carry salmonella, their
    saliva can’t be near your baby’s mouth. Sure adults can handle salmonella
    but not babies.

  4. Is that some kind of troll video? Quite a few of these “precious and
    hilarious moments” are rather disturbing. Espcially the one with the
    dalmatiner sitting down on that infants head. It looks even like the dog is
    doing in on purpose, maybe some domination thing.

  5. Letting a dog sit on your babies head…..explains this country perfectly.
    We value animals over humans. I’m surprised they don’t vote one for

  6. Cute, but I wouldn’t want a dog’s filthy mouth licking a small baby right
    in the probably recently was licking its junk. Not healthy for
    the baby.

  7. I like the way you guys treat dog and human like a friendship ! that are
    real love ,In Vietnam those peoples feed the dog from child till growed up
    even 7,8 year old ,if their family got 1 baby they will kick the dog
    outside by sale them ! they dont think of love the dog keep for them ,they
    only using them as toy and kick as rubbish,, i feel shame that vietnamese
    🙁 but im proud because am, not the once of them bcz my dog is my life, i
    never leave her even if i being homeless ! 

  8. Babies and dogs have been rolling around on the floor together for
    hundreds, if not thousands of years.

    If properly supervised, there is nothing wrong with it. In fact, it can
    help build up the child’s immune system.

    When you shelter your child from everything, he/she won’t be able to deal
    with ANYTHING!!! Get it through your heads, parents!

  9. Кошмар на 4:24 – над чем смеяться? Засыпающий ребенок может даже подавиться

  10. Super cute! FYI though: Babies should never be given/fed cucumbers with the
    skin on…CHOKING HAZARD. There are a ton more, but in the footage where
    the baby was falling asleep while eating, I noticed the unpeeled cucumbers
    on his high hair tray. 

  11. News bite. “A family dog attacked and killed a two-month-old in Ridgeville
    Friday morning. According to the Dorchester County Sheriff, at 11:08 a.m.,
    Aiden McGrew was bitten multiple times and dismembered by a retriever-lab
    mix dog at home while his mother was away and the father was sleeping.

  12. Love the video but the baby at 5.44 is very disturbing….or is it just me
    who thinks that, it freaked me out.

  13. Osserviamo la spontaneità dei bambini e degli animali….e impariamo a
    manifestarla nei rapporti con gli altri …tutti i giorni.. con tutti.. per
    tutta la vita..

  14. 2:36 …baby waving yellow toy at Lab is a whisker away from having its
    hand bitten – even if unintentionally…a very dangerous thing to be doing
    as it could encourage other less responsible dog owners to do the same

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