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Cute baby kittens develop their hunting instinct- BBC wildlife

Although seemingly harmless, cute baby kittens at play demonstrate the journey from fluffball to mini predator. Fascinating nature and wildlife photography f…

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  1. Dogs used to look like their wolf counterpart. But due to selective
    breeding and pedigree dogs they have lost their looks. Look up “pedigree
    dogs exposed” on youtube.

  2. i asked my mom for a kitten and she said “It will take time to think about
    it” and i said “time?…time is what turns kittens into cats ….we need it
    now!”….needless to say i now have my kitten… HIS NAME IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Fluffer Nutter

  3. If you can’t see them as hunters, then you can’t see them, for that is
    their greatest joy. It is their role in nature.

  4. Cats exhibiting their valuable assets in a farm setting.Like watching
    stalking tigers in miniature. Very cool indeed.

  5. many years ago I had my 1st set of cats and had them indoor for about 6 day I decided to take them outside. I watched them work as a
    pair to catch a mouse trapped in a woodpile- Never again would I lock them
    in a house. Live free lil kitties 🙂

  6. Cute little Puffball turns into the Antichrist when he’s beating the shit
    out of a mouse for a good 10 minutes before gutting and devouring it. Ever
    see the LOOK in the eyes of your cat as it goes into a killing frenzy? It’s
    terrifying! The same cat that was rubbing your leg and purring earlier is
    now Jason Voorhees.

  7. Amazing program. I know that mother cats teach their kittens how to hunt,
    but I didn’t know about the steps: a] dead prey b] live prey c] and then
    they follow her on the hunt. Fascinating!

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