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Cute Baby Kitten Compilation 2014

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  1. They are cute, and so funny. I like when they play . I have 6 kittens.
    that is crazy!!!!. and my new kittens are cute as well. I My old kittens
    are bigger now, when they were little one got to the doctors. and one
    passed away. it was very sad. They are 5 months old, and, so adorable. Now
    i have 10 KITTENS!!!!!!!!!!. and now i have 10 cats because i have 2
    mommy’s. and i have a crazy baby named Abby.

    By: Seth Age: 8 —- years
    old 8 ( learning to post comments)

  2. One, mostly a ripoff of Funny Cats and Nice Fish. Two, why do asian people
    just sit there and film while kitties are asking and begging to be loved
    on? You never see them petting them.

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