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Cute Abandoned Kittens

Me and my friends found these kittens abandoned by the roadside. ­čÖü So my friend Syaza decided to take them back home! We were squealing like crazy when we f…
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  1. Why the hell would you take them back to there owner.the owner was the one
    who put them there in the first should have bathed them and fed
    them and gave them some water and brushed theme and put them in a crate
    with a blanket or a proper bed and then brang them to the humane siotey and
    got the people charged´╗┐

  2. OK I just have to say this but don’t find me rude but people out there
    don’t think that putting a box full of baby cat/dog outside with a free
    sign is a bright idea this isn’t a cartoon world where everyone get a happy
    ending they could die out there if u can’t properly raise them at least
    take them to a pet shelter heck even a fire station would be a bright idea
    don’t be selfish ´╗┐

  3. stray cats live across my house and they have kittens like every year and
    we caught one and he had worms. his healthy now we took him to the vet. he
    goes across the road to play with his sibling. he only has one sibling. he
    was skinny because the worms were in his stomach and they were eating the
    food or something like that. he actually almost died because he was so
    skinny and it was cold. but he is an adult healthy cat and we have had him
    for about a year. he is a ginger cat.´╗┐

  4. the ‘airport brothers’ (as they dubbed them in the shelter) were lucky
    ones, but during these economically tough times many people chuck their
    pets out, as they regard them as financial burden.I learned only recently
    that e.g. in a medium sized town in Southern England an average of 10 cats
    are given to local Cat Shelters e v e r y d a y .

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