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Crazy dogs protecting toys and bones – Funny dog compilation

Dogs really love their toys and bones, just look how they protect them 😉 And do you hear this funny sounds they are making! Hope you like our compilation, p…
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25 Responses to Crazy dogs protecting toys and bones – Funny dog compilation

  1. Hit it so hard over the snout that it will never forget it. Especially the
    big dogs. It’s dangerous to let them think they’re the alfa males. 

  2. What horrid aggressive dogs! Wouldn’t trust any of them as far as I could
    throw them! It really isn’t funny at all, absolutely vile behaviour, shame
    on the owners for not training and disciplining them 

  3. My dad was teasing my dog like this and he got bit. Then he was mad at the
    dog. I was like, “Dude, you were begging for it.” After thinking for a
    second, dad said, “I guess you’re right.” Don’t tease the dogs. 

  4. Reading these reactions makes me painfully aware how few people really know
    theyr dogs. They are not bad dogs. Showing teeth like that is a warning to
    keep away and that would be the right thing to do. Dogs do it among
    eachother and listen to these signals and the humans are pushing them. They
    want the dogs to bite I think. It has nothing to do with training but
    socializing. Probaly the human took theyr stuff and now they dont trust
    them anymore and tell them to back off. You can train them not to show the
    warning signs (teeth when they are about to bite you) but that will just
    mean they will bite you but wont tell you anymore to back off. Maybe in
    some cases you can trade the bone for like a piece of meat or give it right
    back when you take it. That way they might trust you a little again and
    maybe that will help some if you dont want them to do this

  5. once my dog oreo got into my moms bagel and he growled and tried but failed
    to bite her………………… her fault for leaving it on the table

  6. It’s funny because they’re mostly smaller dogs… but triple the size of
    the dog and you’ve got a major problem. For the majority of these dogs,
    it’s aggression and you really shouldn’t let your dog do that. You should
    be able to take a toy, bone or food from your dog without any reaction
    because you’re boss.

  7. As funny as this is, and cute in some cases, I’ve found from personal
    experience that you have to establish dominance with your dog so that you
    can safely take their toys and food away (if needed) or you or someone else
    could get seriously injured. I have scars from cases where I didn’t
    establish my role as pack leader and I learned from that. Luckily I was the
    only one hurt then. Now I can safely take a moose bone away from, say, my
    sister’s rot pit cross without issue because I don’t let them get away
    with this stuff.

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