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Crazy dogs protecting toys and bones – Funny dog compilation

Dogs really love their toys and bones, just look how they protect them 😉 And do you hear this funny sounds they are making! Hope you like our compilation, p. Awesome Halloween costumes…
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Dog Basics -New Dog Owner’s Handbook: The Long And Short Of Basic Dog Care

Dog Basics  -New Dog Owner's Handbook: The Long And Short Of Basic Dog Care

Is owning a dog the right choice for you to make? They are far more than just wagging tails and cute kisses: they are living things that you need to take care of on a daily basis, through sickness and health. In this guide, we will answer essential questions like:

How much should I feed my dog?

What should I feed my dog?

When should my dog go to the vet?

How do I groom my dog?

These are questions that you might not have all of the answers to, and you will definitely want them when it comes to the time. You aren’t going to always have someone near you who will have the answers either: that is where this book comes into play.

This book doesn’t give stock answers – it gives you real life answers from dog owners all over the world on everything from grooming to vitamins. Sugar coating owning a dog isn’t our goal, instead it is to give you real, practical advice that will make your dog/parent relationship long lasting, successful, and extremely happy.

Much of owning a dog is a learning curve, but make sure that you ahead of the curve before you pick up your pup!


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