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25 Responses to Crazy cats funny fighting

  1. I agree! These people (including submitter) who thinks this is “funny” are
    sadistic! Poor orangy was the victim here (trying to get away).

  2. Okay, so you are hurt by watching two cats fighting, and you compare that
    to two people fighting, then you tell this person to go crawl in a hole and
    die. I’d like you to look at your comment and see how hypocritical you are.

  3. Dude not funny, Dipshit, thats like watching to people fight, thats
    normally not funny. JAackass, go crawl in a hole and die.

  4. cats are insane when they fight. it’s like they see nothing but the other
    cat. my cat would ignore the shit outta me when he was about to brawl.

  5. if you’re gonna be too friggin scared to stay in the vicinity to video a
    super damaging fight like a cat fight, then you should be smart enough to
    know better than to call this hilarious… stupidity should be painful

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