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cowboys herding cats

I hope you enjoy this video showing a Cats video

funny ads, cowboys herding cats, who can ever imagine?

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49 Responses to cowboys herding cats

  1. When I was head of security at a downtown bar I often referred to the
    clientele as we were trying to close, ” this is harder then herding cats!”

  2. As a Cowboy and a Ranch Project Developer, I relate to this commercial more
    than any other I can remember. However, one must keep in mind that while
    beef is our basic meat source, Cat is the other white meat. And it goes
    great with cranberries. Just sayin’.

  3. The dead pan approach by the herders is perfect( pun intended )…and you
    gotta love the guy using the sticky tape to clean his coat…this one’s in
    the hall of fame…

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