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Image by – Annetta –
My sister finally gave me this photo from… a couple of years ago. This is Cipolla (Cipì for short), who I saved in our country house, she was stuck under some wood. She was so little that we had to feed her special milk, and she still is a little kitty after 2 years. She is only 3,5 kg and is visibly smaller than our other 2 cats (and she has a small head too), but after all is a healty kitty. She’s a bit schizophrenic and sometimes she bites and scratch really hard and I am the only one who can handle her in that moments. In that moments when she’s "Dr. Hide" she’s really dangerous, and that’s also why she has a collar full of bells 😛
My sister believes Cipì thinks I’m her mom, and she calls me in a strange way when she wants to cuddle with me in my bed… I’ll make a video soon!

Oh and here’s she’s wearing the bib from Fairyland Chocolate Skin Pukipuki Pipi (Pandi). She was so small!

(By the way… I wonder if "take me to the kitten!" Flickr filter influences in some way the views for the kitten photos. LOL)

Image by yousukezan

Image by anion

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