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Cat eye 2
Image by photophilde
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This is the eye of Bidou, one of my two "Chartreux".

A light ray went just in and around her eye.
It is an old photo that I did forget to treat… Ok, now it is done.
I also did some post processing to enhance that part of her face.

More photos about her here if you like (slideshow of 23 photos *3 sec):

I have also a similar photo of my other cat "Chopin", here:…

Snake Or Cat?
Image by arash_rk
cover your mouth when you yawn dude! Your stomach is almost shown!

St. Louis Alley Cat – Kristianna Kristal
Image by More Drews than you.
Every Saturday night at Rue 13, The Alley Cat Revue happens. It’s a burlesque show. It’s nice. You’d like it.

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