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Cool Cat images

Some cool cat images:

a cat on a hot tin roof
Image by ♥Adriënne – time-out –
Texture: Cat on a hot tin roof by Temari 09! Thanks my dear friend!

This image is a symbol for people here at Flickr. One day you are a friend, the next day you are an anemie. The wors thing is that someone is blocking you!
Than It’s done; you can’t defend yourself.
You just have to take it. With spreading the bad news about you……..

Well my friends and contacts, I am not some people might say about me.
I am just a hard working girl with a lot admin tasks (75 right now). I never made groups private, that did some other people for me!.. And….I will never let any friend down.

Today I lost one of my best friends (at least I thought he was). Some kind a incorrect understanding, a language problem, or just jealousy, I really don’t know.
As I said, if someone blocks you: no defence.

View On Black
This is one of these day’s I want to leave this game called "Flickr"

I am a Cat
Image by Ansel Edwards Photography
Day 12/365

. This is a cat I met in Niagara today after touring a winery and experiencing my first tasting. It was delightful, but sadly the pictures at the winery were fairly bland and I didn’t care much for them so this kitteh will have to do the trick. I really like his eyes and he was outrageously soft so enjoy this furry little bastard.

a cat under… / un gat sota… / un gato debajo…
Image by Ferran.
Better on the photoblog Black or White or Color?:
a cat under… / un gat sota… / un gato debajo…

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