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Cats vs Dogs Compilation 2014

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41 Responses to Cats vs Dogs Compilation 2014

  1. I once stepped into some dog shit… I told the owner to clean it up, he
    didn’t so I smacked the shit outta him.
    Can’t blame the dog though… But,

    Dogs smell like shit,
    are annoying as fuck
    barking all fucking day
    jumping up on people
    So fucking attached to their owner they won’t leave you a minute alone
    And they are ugly as fuck

    Cats have that predator instinct, so dope…
    They need care, but they don’t need attention every single second of the

    Mike Tyson, the realest nigga breathin once got some tigers now thats
    fucking crazy!


  2. Cats are ungrateful and unloyal useless pieces of shit… your fucking
    cats help the police and the fire brigade? I THINK FUCKING NOT….DOGS FTW,
    they can do more and be more

  3. Cats rule the world.
    Oh,and don’t even reply to this if you like dogs.
    No one wants to hear your barking bullshit. :3 

  4. Have I noticed a trend here?

    Dog lovers in this comment section are: inconsiderate, rude, use more swear
    words, don’t care about other opinions, and don’t research about cats.

    Whereas, cat lovers in this comment section are: more kind, forgiving,
    relaxed, understand other people’s thoughts, and actually have at least
    some knowledge about dogs.

    Neutral people are: the kindest, and most forgiving.

    Please don’t hate, it’s just my personal experience here.

  5. Who the hell want’s cats? SERIOUSLY?? there rubbish and do fuck all. Anyone
    who ownes a cat are sad lonely divorced woman lmfao it’s so true. If you
    want a good pet then get a dog, it at least has a brain and actually does

  6. This video is bullshit
    Ive trained my Norwegian Elkhound to kill cats …he isn’t scared like
    these dogs
    He runs them down clamps his jaws over their backs and gives a couple
    shakes of his head then flings their lifeless broken back bodies to the
    These dogs in this video aren’t even dogs,,,they’re cowardly half dogs

  7. Hello I have entered the portal of retards, where people argue about which
    is better cats or dogs.

    I must return back to the portal where amazing people don’t argue which is
    better and face facts and say they are *both* better

  8. Dogs are so much better than cats…

    When you come home from work, does a cat greet you and go hyper? Dogs do.
    Cats only give you attention when they want fed.

    You can’t take a cat for a walk, or teach it tricks. Sure, cats are more
    independant but the reason i’d want a pet is to interact with it.

  9. This is why no one should go on youtube and upload a video about dogs vs
    cats!people have there own opinions.i like both.mostly cats but,WHAT DOES
    DISLIKE!!!DONT JUDGE!!!LEAVE PPL ALONE.oh btw u guys saying bad things

  10. I found the beginning of this video offensive. The little Jack Russell
    was clearly scared -and to the person who did the dog like this, I don’t
    like you. Neither cute nor funny but disgusting. You ruined a good
    video. I wish PL would remove your “show” from the video. 

  11. wait people are actually fighting in the comments over which is better,
    cats or dogs? They’re fucking animals lmao does it really matter which one
    is better? Dogs are better for certain people and cats are better for
    certain people, it is completely beyond me that this is a huge
    controversial subject WHEN THEY ARE PETS. It’s like fighting over who’s a
    better child a male or female. It’s stupid lol just shut up

  12. Wait are people actually arguing over which is better? Cats are more
    aggressive by nature because they are harder to domesticate. They have a
    less malleable personality then dogs, thus dogs tend to be less aggressive
    over all. Neither is better, they both tend to mirror there owners, thus
    if you are a happy and hyper person they both tend to be more hyper and
    happy. If you are angry and aggressive they will tend to be more aggressive
    ad violent. if you are calm, they tend to be calm. But both can make
    amazing house pets. I have 3 dogs, and 2 cats, and none fight. They all
    sleep on my bed and lie together. They all play together and care about
    each other. Both rule.

  13. And actually you can train cats like dogs cats even better because cats are
    actually smarter except it’s difficult teaching them because evolution has
    taught them to be stubborn.

  14. Don’t get this dog vs cat thing. All pets are adorable in their own way.
    Can’t we just love all animals equally.

  15. To the person who says cats aren’t helping police/fire brigade therefore
    they are useless… Cats were originally bred for 3 main reasons. One,
    hunting mice. Two, for their beautiful appearance. And finally,
    companionship. Don’t judge a cat to do a dog’s work then complain about
    them being “useless”. Ok you hate cats, but that’s just your opinion and
    does not make them “useless pieces of shit” like you say. Guess what..I
    personally have raised both cats and dogs throughout my life and I can
    honestly say I prefer cats to dogs. 

  16. Over all the dumb debates in the comments, I have come to a conclusion.
    Dogs and cats both have good properties. Dogs are energetic, and have don’t
    need as many toys to play with, because they have stuff like, um… Grass,
    yeah my neighbours dog plays with grass. Anyway, cats are funny, and aren’t
    as noisy. The downsides are that dogs are noisy and poop everywhere, and
    cats are not as noisy but may annoy you at night, but so does dogs barking.
    Anyway just choose your pet I’m not going to make choose either. (PS. I’m a
    cat person plz don’t judge).

  17. I check the comments and see people swearing and arguing about which is
    better cats or dogs well some of u ARE wrong now I won’t fight and argue
    and swear but Dogs are smarter than cats. Some dogs are smarter than others
    like the smartest dog in the world is the border collie. They don’t bark
    all day as long as their trained properly. I’m not a dog lover which yes I
    love dogs but I really want a cat I LOVE warriors ( which is a cat book my
    fave series anyway And I love wolves. Dogs DONT smell as long as they’re
    bathed. They’re just excited if they jump on people but you can train them
    to not to do that. OK what’s annoying bout not leaving you for a min
    seriously they love you. Yes cats are indepdent but that doesn’t mean cats
    aren’t as loyal and loving yeah idk if cats can protect you but cats can be
    taught to fetch sit lay down etc! Do your research! The myth that dogs are
    mindless freaks that’s not true and cats are evil or gonna rule the world!
    Yup not true just matters on your opinion and your cat or dog cats can’t
    protect you but that doesn’t mean they don’t care bout u! Both make great
    pets! Cats and dogs unite!

  18. Most dogs wanna play with them. Others are scared of them. Why are they
    scared of them? Because cats are evil. You see a bunch of clips it’s
    showing cats hitting they dog first. Poor dog. Fuck cats. Now all they cat
    lovers think they are better when they are being evil and winning the
    fights. They just worship cats (devil) sure they are cute but they are

    Now below me here comes a butthurt cat lover trying to disprove me just
    because they ‘love’ their dumb evil cat (devil) Go watch “6 scientific
    prove why cats are evil” from Cracked if you stupid cat lovers don’t
    believe me. I really love raging people now here they come below! :D

  19. My beagles would pounce on those cats. The reason we got Molly in the first
    place was because she was chasing her previous owner’s cats up the tree in
    her yard. It’s a typical cat/dog relationship with them. Oh, she does
    squirrels the same way. They wouldn’t kill the cats. They aren’t that mean.
    They’re just not afraid of them.

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