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Cats Meeting Puppies for the First Time Compilation 2014 [NEW HD]

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25 Responses to Cats Meeting Puppies for the First Time Compilation 2014 [NEW HD]

  1. This just proves that kitties are meaner lol. There was like one nice cat
    in this whole thing and that was the cat with the litter of puppies.

  2. I’m tired of people saying the cats were meaner. These people do not
    understand cats, all of those cats were playing with the puppies, when a
    cat puffs up and arches it’s back it’s scared not angry. If they really
    wanted to hurt the puppies they would be hissing and using all four paws to
    attack, not toying with them with one paw, seriously? If more people
    watched Jackson Galaxy or Cat Watch 2013 & 2014 they would know this. Dogs
    are also more domesticated than cats and are pack animals so they may seem
    nicer but you have to be careful and make sure they see you as the alpha or
    they will not obey you can kill your kids or seriously hurt someone in the
    house. At least cats are easy to get respect from and to please once you
    understand them. If a dog does not respect u and does not see you as alpha/
    is disiplined it has to be put down especially if they’ve attacked someone.
    Cats also have more braincells than dogs which is why they’re able to be
    more independent, a dogcan only follow and listen it cannot be
    independent… not anymore anyway. For me the perfect pet is an independent
    one because at least they’re more of a companion rather than a baby you
    have to keep a constant tab on.

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