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Cats are amazing climbers – Funny cat compilation

I hope you enjoy this video showing a Cats video

Cats are really amazing! Just look how they can climb! Thumbs up for amazing kitties 😉 Hope you like our compilation, please share it and SUBSCRIBE! Watch a…

24 Responses to Cats are amazing climbers – Funny cat compilation

  1. Hahaha!! Lalo Schiffrins Theme of “Mission Impossible”. He wrote also the
    Theme to the 60ies TV-Serie” T.H.E Cat” with Robert Loggia. Episodes are
    to see here on YT.So,Tiger should chose this theme for this
    vid 🙂 Btw: This cats climb MUCH better than Loggia 🙂 Theyare
    boulder-climbers in a class of their own!

  2. I find this terrible, and sorry if a bunch of people don’t think the same.
    (I have anxiety) What kind of owners let their cats climb the side of their
    house? I mean, c’mon, people! What if the cat fell, and what if that fall
    gave it a concussion? Again,I have anxiety.

  3. (cat walks into the room and sees you parkouring in assassins creed), the
    cat thinks, “pfft, what amateurs”.

  4. oner: ninja cat go. cat: easy peasy. done. oner: ok good now get down. cat:
    um.. ya… um.. can you help me…. oner: ninja cats shood be good at un
    doing what they did cat you not. cat: DO YOU SEE YOUR LIPS. oner: no

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