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Cats and dogs fight for beds and sofa – Funny animal compilation

Here’s a funny video from You Tube showing a very funny cat

Territory domination is the name of the game. Well, however, cats are those, who win in most cases 😀 We hope you enjoyed our compilation. If so, please subscribe! Thank you! You also won’t…

25 Responses to Cats and dogs fight for beds and sofa – Funny animal compilation

  1. I love cats and dogs but in this case… The cats are straight up a#?holes!
    What’s sad is the dogs could actually put a hurting on the cats but it goes
    to show the dogs are more loyal because they recognize this is part of the
    family and they don’t want to hurt the cats… Especially the big dogs…
    They could really hurt those cats…
    I was a little annoyed with this clip.

  2. The owner in the last one is a butt hole, she needs to have 90 years or a
    life sentence in prison, or the dog should kill her, or she should be
    ripped to shreds in a cage by a bunch of angry feral dogs. And that cat
    that stole the dog’s bed, the dog should kill him or she should steal the
    cat’s bed in revenge. The owner should say “Bad cat” instead.

  3. To all of the idiotic puppy fanboys/girls… how the he*l You even know
    that those sofas were places where dogs habitually rest? In fact, maybe it
    was the cats, who do happen to prefer sofas, to floor or other places,
    unlike the dogs. Maybe they were just defending their own territory? In
    fact it’s probably the case.

    And in the last video, the owner called it a “bad dog” because it tried to
    eat a house cat! It’s that simple. And yes, eating other animals is
    something a bad dog does. >.<

  4. Lmao…I love cats but they do some shit..hehehe!!! I’m not mad at Claude
    for getting in there :)

  5. Poor dogs. Those buttfaces just stand there filming the dogs suffering and
    they are laughing. Animal Cruelty… These dogs should be taken away from
    the owners by the animal social worker and given to other owners that
    actually CARE about them and give them free access to any bed and couch.
    Those owners dont deserve to own these dogs anyway.

  6. Why can’t people post when the dogs are fighting back? This is one thing
    that annoys me. Cats are the only ones pouncing the dogs or slapping them,
    or even biting them!

  7. I have a cat that sleeps with me all the time…recently my brother moved
    back home with his dog…he works a lot so the dog is getting attached to
    me. The dog will piss the cat off and take her spot…they’ll never get

  8. 0:34 Jab to the head, following by left hook, and COMBINATIONS !!

    1:25 Your hands can’t hit what your eyes can’t see…

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