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25 Responses to Cat Welcomes Home Soldier (awesome)

  1. I’m SO fucking done with dog people.
    On every single cat video I go on, there’s always some piece of crusty shit
    spewing out garbage about cats.
    I don’t give two shits if you like dogs better than cats. I mean, If you
    like dogs better than cats, that’s fine. Dogs are great.
    But you don’t need to go on every cat video you see and shit on the video
    and the people who like it.
    To be completely honest, I like cats 100 times more than dogs.I think cats
    are calm and collected.
    They don’t shit In your lawn and they don’t lick your face after they lick
    their asshole. They don’t bark at every living thing that passes by your
    window, and they don’t drink water, and then slobber all over you right
    Cats are regal and beautiful. And even if they don’t show it as much as
    dogs do, they love their owners.

    Basically, if you think dogs are better than cats, that fine. But if you
    think that they are the spawn of satan and that everyone who likes them are
    delusional and stupid, FUCK. OFF. 

  2. A cat’s memory is twice the memory of a dogs I here…not surprised…love
    dogs but cats rule because they don’t bark at the wind like most dogs do

  3. Clearly she just wants someone to clean her litter box. Nothing more than
    that. Cats don’t care. Not at all. It’s the same story when I’ve been gone
    a long time and my cats buries her face into me like she thought she was
    never going to see me again. Nope, no love in those actions at all. No way,
    no how.

  4. I love dogs and cats cats are a lot less troublesome then dogs are I just
    bought a ragdoll kitten in Nov 14 I wish I could have another one but my
    landlord said no I have to go

  5. Go on a video with non white person: race arguments in comments
    Go on a video with a religion : religious war in comments
    Go on a video with a woman doing something: sexism war in comments
    Go on a cat video: pet war in comments?!
    Why is the internet such a hellhole…

  6. oh yeah wow.. im so impressed by the cat’s happiness in this video.. NOT.
    *off to see real happiness from a dog*

  7. Uh, yeah, did all the Negative Nancy’s not see the cat that was all over
    the news not that long ago? A dog was attacking it’s owner’s kid and the
    cat flew in out of no where and fought the dog off and stayed next to the
    boy to make sure the dog wouldn’t try that again? Just because cats are
    not HUGE attention whores like dogs are does NOT mean they love their
    owners any less. Some cats are nasty, yes, but so are some dogs. When’s
    the last time you had to “cat sit” while you were “house sitting” for a
    friend? You don’t need to because cats can handle being alone and
    independent. You just feed them, give them water, some petting if they
    allow it, and they’re good to go.

    Did you see how the cat rubbed itself against the man’s stuff first? If a
    cat likes you, the first thing they do is rub up against you and your stuff
    every time they see you to get as much of their scent onto you and/or your
    stuff as possible. That’s how they mark their territory. Cats are
    gangster, and don’t let ANYONE mess with their territory.

    I taught one of my cats to fetch when it was a one year old. That cat was
    convinced she was a dog. I could be gone for 8 hours and my cat would
    FREAK when I came back.

    Cats are every bit as capable of defending their owners and their owners
    kids as a dog is, but cats usually have more complex personalities than
    dogs when it comes to human interaction.

  8. The myth that cats only wait for their owners because they want to get fed
    is utterly ridiculous, my cat as on an automatic feeder and has a huge bowl
    of water but yet she can’t wait to jump on lap and get all cuddley.

  9. Whatever the animal, if you show them genuine love, they will remember it.
    I saw a show where a man helped a horse deliver, only for her to die. He
    saved her baby and took care of it until it was found a good home. Once it
    was grown, he went to visit it, it instantly walked from across the field
    and straight to him, as though thanking him and happy to see him. That is
    how one’s actions can really touch anyone, human or animal.

  10. To be honest, it depends on the breed the cat displays the most. Purebreds
    are obvious, but mixed breeds often display the traits of one breed over
    others. Some breeds get more attached to their owners than others. Just the
    same, some breeds are more aloof than others. Mine is most like a Russian
    Blue. That breed gets very attached to one person and will shadow that
    person all day if they can. My cat follows me around from the moment I get
    home from work, sleeps with me all night, till I leave the next morning. He
    even tries to take a bath with me. I swear he has to have some Maine Coon
    in him. My roommate, who my cat has miraculously accepted as family (he
    hides from everyone else), can attest to how attached my cat is to me. And
    to other weird things he does, like talking to his water… I have a really
    strange cat… In any case, his attachment is very Russian Blue, so it
    really does depend on the breed. Think of it this way. Cats were
    domesticated by mutually beneficial means. We simply rewarded them for
    doing what already came naturally, like a partnership. Dogs were
    domesticated to work for us. We established ourselves as the alpha of their
    pack. Therefore, cats are independent free thinking friends and dogs are
    family. Both love us. Cats see us as equals while dogs see us as leaders.

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