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Cat hair forest

Some cool cat images:

Cat hair forest
Image by kevin dooley
Explore, 12.20.2007 — Macro thanks friends!

Straight from camera except for crop. Our cat MacDuff (named after the Shakespearean character). He’s orange and white long hair and 22 pounds. He will hang out at the frig for 2-3 hours sometimes waiting and hoping to get a stupid "pet treat". Don’t you love the obsessiveness of cats?

Wonderful cats at the Mosaic Feline Rescue (Ann Arbor, Michigan) – Sunday July 7, 2013
Image by cseeman
Volunteering at the Mosaic Feline Rescue in Ann Arbor. These are wonderful cats and are looking for a good home. These photos are from Sunday July 7, 2013. We have alot from the "Materinty Ward" with all the kittens. And there are a ton of pics today because of all the new kittens and mothers who are at Mosaic.

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