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Boston Terrier dogs FUNNY dog shenanigans CUTE puppies (Original)

Boston Terrier dogs FUNNY dog shenanigans CUTE puppies (Original)

Here’s our Boston Terriers playing like the amusing silly little puppies that they are. They like to chase each other when one has a toy, then they switch. T…

Well, all dogs are not so smart. Of course accidents and fails happen from time to time but… trying to carry bigger stick than yourself, mud bath, trying t…
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50 Responses to Boston Terrier dogs FUNNY dog shenanigans CUTE puppies (Original)

  1. OK WAIT I AM SO CONFUSED. At 00:58 the chubby one has the toy, but then
    like 2 seconds later right after the other one barks at it the skinnier one
    magically has the toy in his mouth and neither of them moved.

  2. @106MMTurbo ~ LOL Mackie gets mistaken for a frenchie all the time. He’s
    just built like a brick. He’s a beefy boy but mostly muscle! They’re so
    much fun! Thanks XD

  3. @Kawaiinthesun LOL ~ they actually own lots of toys! This is a game they
    play. They each take turns chasing each other around with 1 toy and taking
    turns being the leader =)

  4. @beholdthepanda Thanks! HAHA! I know, right? Ironically enough the rug
    stays clean! Nothing a good vacuum & occasional steam cleaner can’t fix. We
    don’t let the dogs have koolaid in the livingroom LOL

  5. @Kawaiinthesun It’s that age-old rule that the toy the other doggie has is
    instantly more fascinating than all the other toys in the house.

  6. @BrenAGC ~ LOL! If you watch carefully, 1st dog drops toy near chair to
    chase skinny dog around table. Skinny dog beats him back to the toy near
    the chair, picks it up and continues to run around the back of the chair &
    appears on the other side with the toy! SHENANIGANS!! XD

  7. So cute, but one is a French Bulldog, or At least part unless you got the
    beefiest lil boston bean I have ever seen!!! ^__^ I love mine. They are
    such great dogs.

  8. Because the owners are EVIL and possessed by armies of demons.A child of
    God will NOT do this.You all evil doers will be eternal tormented by your
    father satan ,if you don’t repent and turn away from your wickedness. The
    children of satan are blind spiritual and cannot see their wickedness.

  9. NOT funny to see dogs who obviously have worms being filmed while they
    scoot on their butts trying to relieve the itching from the worms. Might I
    suggest a VET rather then putting the poor things on youtube! I liked the
    rest but am giving this a thumbs down for making fun of dogs who need vet
    care for tapeworms.

  10. ATTENTION when a dog is dragging its’ backside on the floor – it is NOT
    FUNNY. This is a sign of a health problem – stop laughing at this and take
    your dog TO THE VET 

  11. Video is funny, but please don’t call dogs dumb. They are not. There
    are a lot of stupid people who do things far worse.

  12. Oh my god why does everybody in the comments section need to make the
    owners of the animals in these videos out to be terrible owners? A dog
    scooting doesn’t always mean it has a health problem. It could mean it
    just has an itchy butt, which is usually the case with my dog when he does
    it occasionally. A dog romping in the mud doesn’t mean they’re overheated
    or whatever; it could just mean it’s hot outside and the mud is cool, or
    they just like mud. I don’t see most dogs running into glass either, and
    most dogs don’t even pay attention to mirrors, so on the off chance that
    they occasionally do, it’s funny and probably won’t happen often. I have
    hardwood floors in my house, and my dog occasionally slips on them, but he
    doesn’t have crooked legs or anything like that, and if he wants to play
    upstairs where there are carpets he will and does. The owners of these
    dogs aren’t terrible owners. I’m sure they treat their dogs just fine.

  13. Dear dog owners, when your dog is dragging it’s butt on the ground/carpet
    it’s time to have the dog checked for worms!

  14. u guys are jerks dogs are smart they just act that way cuz they want too
    why don’t u just act like a dog and be dumb and see how it feels to be
    called dumb!!!!!

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