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Bobcat and Canadian Lynx Kittens playing

I hope you enjoy this video showing a kittens

Our 2 month old bobcat and Canadian Lynx kittens hard at play. The bobcat’s are spotted and the lynx (named Dipstick) is solid colored.
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25 Responses to Bobcat and Canadian Lynx Kittens playing

  1. These kittys should be kept wild. People have been takeing away animals’
    freedom by “rescuing” them and taking then from their natural habitat. 

  2. You can’t domesticate a wild animal. That takes years and years. Hundreds,
    thousands. Regular cats aren’t even considered domesticated (fully) by a
    number of scientists and certain countries. A bobcat can kill you. That’s
    what they’re made for. If your house-cat were a foot bigger, it’d be the
    same way.

  3. These are kittens we had at my workplace, Red Rock Wildlife Education
    Center. They came from a USDA breeding facility.

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