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Best Kittens and Puppies Compilation 2013 [NEW HD]

I hope you enjoy this video showing a funny kittens

Dogs Love Cats | Dogs Love Kittens | Kittens Love Dogs | Cats Love Dogs | Puppies Love Kittens | Puppies Love Cats Video Credit [ by order of appearance ]: 1…
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  2. From what I’ve read big dogs take well to cats but small ones, the breeds
    that were bred to hunt small animals like foxes do not tend to like cats.
    But I think the owners of the animals have EVERYTHING to do with it.

  3. This was really adorable!!(: but when I see “kittens and puppies”, I expect
    kittens, and puppies. Not big cats, and or big dogs.

  4. 人間同士が殺しあう昨今、この動画は本当に救われます。平和を願うすべての方々に見てもらいたいと思います。

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