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25 Responses to Baby and Puppy meet for the first time!

  1. 0:58 That baby was really hurting the puppy! On the other hand the puppy
    was really gentle. Also the puppy (fluff) is cuter than the baby.
    Puppy> babies

  2. Wife: Hey honey, where are you going?
    Me: I’m gonna look for the 2,211 people who dislike this video.
    Wife: What for? To bodyslam them?
    Me: NO! The other 38,765 people and I will look for the 2,211 miserable
    people to GIVE THEM HUGS. Cuz they don’t know what love is. We need to
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    Wife: Ok. See you later.. I love you!! 

  3. Would you like to start off your weekend with a fun video? Here’s a very
    cute one of a baby and a dog playing for the first time!

    Baby and Puppy meet for the first time!

  4. You shouldn’t get puppies for an infant at such young age. The infant can
    easily hurt the puppy in many different ways! What da hell, having to take
    care an infant isn’t difficult and time consuming enough for you so you
    have to add a poor helpless puppy in your life also??!!!

  5. Well the baby cannot help it for being a baby and the puppy can’t help it
    if it nips from being hurt in the eye the mother can be smart and nit have
    another child or get another puppy until she gets a brain i work in an
    animal shelter people like her make me vomit u get an adult senior dog for
    a baby uuuhhh I’m mad

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