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Alfie Has Kittens UK with original music

Alfie Has Kittens UK with original music

Here is Alfie Has Kittens with the original music with TUGS music as edition. Music credit to MurphyProductions828, TheBladezmanII and TheUnluckyTug02 Thomas…
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Mom Cat talking to Kittens Generation

Mom Cat talking to her Kittens. These kittens were born July 18, 2013. This video is a chronicle of their first weeks of life. Mom cat Coco talks, feeds, car…

27 Responses to Alfie Has Kittens UK with original music

  1. I hope the Pack get more eps in cgi series, Kelly, Jack and Alfie are my
    fave members. Hurray for the small, plus Alfie isn’t the smallest machine,
    he is taller than some of them and bigger than Jack.

  2. Lol. This cat reminds me of my mum. Loving, loves babies (cuddling with
    them), loves sleep and is cranky when disturbed lol. 

  3. How gentle voice Mom Cat talking to Kittens are!!! Kittens are so cute.
    Coco is gentle Mom..! I want to be her Kitten. and I want to hug Mom

  4. Last year I made ​​a similar video about kittens Generation “R” at the
    request of the audience. This video was watched more than 3 million viewers.
    I hope that this 20-minute video about the first weeks of life kittens
    Generation “P” the audience will like too.
    Of course, the main heroine of the video is our beloved cat Coco

  5. I hate to love this video. My dog and three cats have kept me up all night
    listening to this….. strange….. 🙂 

  6. I like the beginning because the mother seems to change her expression from
    ” totally bliss” for her litter to “what did I do?” About her
    litter….consistently feeding. 

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