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25 Responses to A Very StarKid Announcement StarDate: 4.1.2015

  1. I knew it was a prank. I knew there was no way a 4th AVPM would be
    happening. So I just laughed when it cut to Brian tweaking and yelling
    about Puppykitties.

  2. I feel like this video is 2 and a half minutes longer than it should be,
    and it’s just because they got a bit carried away with playing with the

  3. AHH I’ve missed Puppy Kitties so much!!! Also you should come to LA
    sometime in the (hopefully near) future. It’s a pretty cool city. And
    there’s lots of us here who love you!

  4. I was freaking out when I heard the first few cords of Gotta get back to
    Hogwarts. I was so disapointed I should have known it was too good to be

  5. I feel so heart broken! I was at the point of screaming out loud with joy
    and then a scream of agony came forth from the depths of hell from
    thousands of souls that were sold to see another potter play.

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