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A dog with no name

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A dog with no name
Image by chrischapman
I used to go round to a neighbour’s house to let his two West Highland White Terriers out into the garden while he was out at work. Often this young Bearded Collie (oops, not a Border Collie as I initially wrote) who lived in the next house over would see me and go berserk with excitement at the adjoining fence until I gave it attention. I never met the owners so I don’t know the dog’s name.

My neighbour’s two Westies both died this year so as a result I no longer see this playful and energetic dog either.

! Love My Dog(s) November ’06 Mosaic
Image by Lynne Hand
I love your dogs too!

All dogs are from the Love my Dog(s) group.

1. me and chester…, 2. Barry is having a rest, 3. BENNI, 4. onderweg, 5. Zack, 6. Akira, 7. Tess’ Tail, 8. balcony, 9. maggie helping me make the bed???, 10. Kevätjäällä huilimassa, 11. Smiling Emma, 12. Dakota, 13., 14. Maggie, 15. Laka the hula girl, 16. Listening

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Dog on the roof
Image by TedsBlog
I’m walking into the main house when I hear a dog whining. Being a good person, I look around and see a dog on the neighbor’s roof. Being a good photog, I pull my camera out of my pocket and snap this pic.

I then walked into the house and did nothing.

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