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10 Kittens 1st day outside!

I hope you enjoy this video showing a kittens

10 Kittens 1st day outside!

The cutest kittens you’ll ever see. This was their first real day outside! My heart breaks for the little grey kitty, but as with Life there are no health gu…


Dream The girl of a kitten in a scarf has wrapped up and has gone with it to a garden. People ask: – Who it at you? And the girl speaks: is my daughter. Peop…

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50 Responses to 10 Kittens 1st day outside!

  1. my cat is 4 years old and he is terrified of outside he starts to cry
    because he is a fully indoor cat other than to travel to a neighbors house
    or the vet

  2. They are all beautiful! But really you should have taken that grey kitten
    to a vet, he shouldn’t be outside just lying on the grass like that.

  3. These people obviously are numskulls who never achieve anything. They don’t
    know how to care but follow alcohol and tv distractions and they are
    stupid. The girl is not sexy rather the opposite. Wear your make up to hide
    your flaws. I feel bad for the animals there, they do not know how to treat
    them right. Stupid goyims.

  4. Love the kittens,but again you SHOULD make sure that these kittens get a
    good home ,anyone ,someone who is willing to look after these cute cats
    ..not just leave them out here…if thats the case ,your a bad
    person…really!! and your a girl ..OMG
    Feel shame on yourself!!! i really hope you read this comment and do
    something about it in the future if you EVER get a cat or cats again!.

  5. None of the nasty comments are warranted for the simple reason the
    commentators do not have enough information to make such judgements. I also
    didn’t notice any of the noisy ones offering the open their own wallets for
    a strange kitten on the other end of the internet, either. Only their
    hatred. This video is four years old now and these cat’s destiny has long
    been determined, yet people keep barging in with their idiocy. Mind your
    OWN business first.

  6. My heart breaks whenever I see black kittens.. They look so alike when I
    had my own kitty.. My very first kitten, seriously my little baby :3 .. But
    the fact it breakes my heart is because he was barely a year old and died
    of internal bleeding :c.. R.I.P. Zorro

  7. We Emerge in awe. From the warm confounds of the Cube to the open vastness
    of the world. following the calls of our elders. like sirens. beckoning us
    into the unknown. will I and my kin survive this expedition? what is beyond
    our Stygian existence? mew. mew mew mew. mewmew. mew.

  8. I think it’s very important to sterilize your cat if you can’t take
    responsibility for a bunch of kittens 🙂 Even if they are sooo cute!

  9. to anyone and i mean anyone who says “LEAVE THE MUTT” stfu like really let
    the “MUTT” have a chance let the “MUTT” be taken to the vet the little
    kitty needs a family . >:|

  10. Why not take your poor little helpless ill kitten to the vet instead of
    introducing that MUTT to it, god bless that baby.. these cats need to be
    taken away ASAP. Leave the mutt.

  11. hypothermia and malnourished.. a mother cat can only feed 8 at a time. and
    this one is too weak to fight for her food because the rest are so energetic

  12. I’m so very sorry to hear about your kitty. : – ( I can’t have any
    kitties, ’cause my dad don’t like them. ( I think he might be allergic to
    them ).

  13. ” When I grow up “? Without going into too many details and because of
    circumstances beyond my control, I am a ” young woman ” in my 30’s. I just
    happen to still live at home. ( By the way, I do not need any negative
    remarks and/or comments, as I will not be replying ).

  14. I know there was a cat in the first 36 years … So you still ahead. I also
    lived in the house her husband’s parents … where was the hostess.Not to

  15. woke up to see choclate ( my guineapigs name) lying down and it couldnt
    stand up. by the time i was on my way to the vet the poor thing died, i
    wish i could’ve spent more time with him :'(

  16. I’m so sorry. You sound like a very loving, caring person. You should get a
    rescue kitten and give it a wonderful forever home!!

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