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【マンチカンズ】マンチカンの子猫と六足歩行ロボット ~ kittens VS combat creatures ~

Here’s a funny video from You Tube showing a very funny cat

【マンチカンズ】マンチカンの子猫と六足歩行ロボット ~ kittens VS combat creatures ~

マンチカンの子猫たちが六足歩行ロボットに挑みました。結局ただのリモコンねこじゃらしに。more photos & videos twitter

EDIT 25/03/2012: Ok guys I am getting really sick of people posting pretentious comments about “what art is/isnt/how this video is technically art/isnt/amvs …
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50 Responses to 【マンチカンズ】マンチカンの子猫と六足歩行ロボット ~ kittens VS combat creatures ~

  1. Such short little legs on those kittens! I love how a little interaction
    gets them over their initial fear. I especially enjoyed watching the one
    cat’s pupils dilate in anticipation of the foam discs. Thanks for sharing!

  2. 最初みんな一斉に退去しましたね^^ ロボット目線での映像が新鮮でした!

  3. ロボットにカメラ装着に笑った!キョトン顔のマンチカンズかわいいっ~!最高

  4. きょとんとした顔がかわいいね!


  5. I agree with Mr.Dick from Too many ‘Song-A x Anime-B = AMV-Y’
    formulaic shite plastered over the net.

  6. hahaha i’m like holly crap XD dint aspect that you could combine cuteness
    and awesomeness like this XD

  7. 0:22-0:23 the girl with the axe can some one tell me wich one that is
    please BTW I freaking love this vid

  8. *grins* Ah see? This is why I watch your videos. You never know what you’re
    gonna get. You just know it’s gonna be awesome. X3

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