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หนังโฆษณาเครื่องปรับอากาศ Haier: Crazy Cats Gang promotion

Here’s a funny cat video. Hope you like it!

Summer Promotion ซื้อแอร์ Haier อินเวอร์เตอร์ทุกรุ่น รับเงินคืน 4000 บาท วันนี้ — 19 พ.ค. 2557 โทร 1789 ** เฉพาะร้านที่ร่วมรายการ** **Homepro, Homework, Po…
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From 1967 to 1972 the Crazy Cats fought upon the electronic battlefields of Vietnam. Their efforts would ultimately affect the outcome of battles on the grou…

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  1. I served with Crazy Cat (70-71) as A/C electrician and avionics. Loved the
    airplanes. While working in the Marshall Islands I helped take care of a
    squadron Of P-2VJ’s belonging to the Japanese Air Force on there way to
    practice torpedo bombing at Pearl Harbor. (1973) This is not a joke. The
    P-2’s had turboprops and were beautiful. Since I knew about P-2s the
    Japanese let me crawl all over inside and help them with maintenance. Later
    I saw one of our A/C in Alabama at an Army base. Still looked good. Only
    found out recently that we could talk a little about the missions we were

  2. This is a rare airplane and one of the first to use the propjet airframe
    and when you hear them they almost sound like their bigger brother the P3
    orion as they fly by.
    They do fly at many of our airshows and they are constantly preserved to be
    always ready for the shows and show time.
    As you look at the tail it too like the P3 has the MAD boom in the rear its
    called the magnetic anamoly detector(MAD) a valuable instrument for hunting
    submarines anywhere in the worlds oceans as they fly over them.
    Great airplane none the less.

  3. Right after the engines started, we had to check the aux fan under the
    engine and pull the wheel pin—With the loud engine running, standing on
    the wheel was REALLY CRAZY!

  4. @cacciato66 Just by chance i read your youtube comments about Crazy Cat and
    John Steele. I also knew John. I was the Crazy Cat who gave the early
    morning briefings in 1969 to the crews going out. Send me an E-mail…

  5. Thanks for posting this short. came by it by accident–barely remember the
    crews, but looks like Clemmer in the pix…Had a real crazy CO too who flew
    our missions—was there 1/68–69. ditty bopper…can’t believe how many
    times the recip engines would catch fire or the jets start with a whoosh
    and huge ball of flame—wiping down the nacelles from the leaking oil was
    the last thing we did on a mission—thanks for posting!

  6. I remember the Crazy Cats when we shared the ramp with them when I was in
    VP-1 The ones I met were great bunch of guys !!

  7. more and more good stuff like this old video finding its way to the net. i
    deployed to CRB in P-3Bs summer 68, we were on navy ramp next to crazy cat,
    knew em, drank san magoo [domestic] together and played volleyball after
    flying all night– us on market-time or yankee station, them on the trail
    someplace. anybody remember the guy that owned a spider monkey named

  8. Merci pour cette vidéo , vous pouvez voir les miennes P2v7 sur youtube
    jacquesderochefort tank you

  9. I am so thankful for these videos. My dad was part of the Crazy Cats. He
    will not talk at all about it. If it wasn’t for this video, I wouldn’t know
    anything about what he did. I wish I could talk to some others that were
    part of his unit to find out a little more about it. They had a reunion
    years ago I wish I could’ve gone to just so I could meet and talk to some
    of the men he knew.

  10. Check out my new ASA Vietnam novel “We Served In Silence.” You may be
    especially interested in the chapter “Crazy Cats On A Burbank Boomerang.”
    Go to amazon dot come and type, in the amazon search bar, Glenn Fannin.
    Thanks, -=Glenn K. Fannin Jr.

  11. I remember seeing your planes on the Tarmac at Cam Rahn Bay (I think) when
    we landed for some reason. I was aircrew in VO-67 out of NKP flying the
    same Neptunes over the Ho Chi Minh trail and the DMZ

  12. wow … the crew includes John (indian) Steele linguist friend of mine so
    it must be 1969. He later became president of the Pine Ridge lakota sioux
    and has served in that capacity at intervals up to the present.. Listen to
    that engine purrrrrr… we had to ‘wipe down’ the plane after mission to
    remove alll that oil … oh yeah we linguists had to wipe it down!

  13. Nice show, was crew on SP2E and SP2H for Navy 1968-1971 Floyd Benet
    Field…now I know what they did with the older SP2E s . So nice to hear
    the R3350s again and the squeal of the brakes as she taxied
    out………some things you never forget THANKS SO MUCH……ADR3 Air Tar.
    PS SP2E also at Floyd Benet Field Air Museum.

  14. When they show the crew, the guy second fom one of the ends with the
    mustache is my dad! He just told me to look it up!

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